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Ceramic Glass

Product Introduction:

The procedure of silkscreen printing glass is printing the needed design on the glass surface with inorganic glaze which has high temperature resistance. After processed by drying and agglomeration, the silkscreen pattern designs will be agglomerated permanently on the glass surface. For the similar process of tempered glass, silk screen printing glass has all the characteristics of toughened glass. Meanwhile, silk screen printing glass is a kind of safe anti-acid and anti-alkaline decoration material.


Product details


1. Painted surface is smooth, easy cleaning; can maintain permanent.

2. Special resistance to humidity making it suitable for use in high humidity rooms like kitchens and bathrooms

3. Use lead free safety paint, human harmless and environmental protection

4. Various colors and patterns(customizable), durable outstanding effect.

5. Absorbing and reflecting solar energy, improving solar control.

6. Optimal concealing effect, protecting privacy.

Ceramic Glass


1. Interior partitions and office enclosures.

2. Shower doors and kitchen splashbacks

3. Balustrades and railings

4. Flooring and staircases

5. Furniture like table tops, cabinet doors.

Ceramic Glass

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