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Partition Glass

Product Introduction:

BTG better glass partition wall is ideal for use in a number of different applications, is easy and quick to install and can be designed to meet your specific personal requirements. In a range of different materials, finishes and coatings, almost every design can become a reality - either with a sophisticated wood or a metal appearance. Neither do you need to forego transparency - simply combine your partition walls with glazing.


Product details

Various advantages of glass partition in an office:

Looks: glass partition gives a professional look to the office which will ultimately influence and impress potential clients.

Variety: various types of glass partitions are available in the market to suit the office.

Visibility: glass partitions can also be set up so that natural light is not blocked and thus saves energy.

Low cost: dividing a room using glass partition is much cheaper then building traditional walls for separation.

Sound proof: glass partition is usually installed for achieving transparency and complete sound privacy.

Efficiency: The greatest financial reward of having glass partition is to reduce dependency on lights in office throughout the day.

Productivity: One of the main selling reason of glass partition in office is that it enhances efficiency and productivity among the work force. 

Corporate look: With the increase in competition globally, it is very important for a company to work efficiently and be at its best. 

Flexibility: The final financial advantage of glass partition installed is that it gives a great amount of flexibility. 

Partition Glass


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