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10mm Clear Tempered Shower Glass
  • 10mm Clear Tempered Shower Glass
  • 10mm Clear Tempered Shower Glass
  • 10mm Clear Tempered Shower Glass
  • 10mm Clear Tempered Shower Glass
  • 10mm Clear Tempered Shower Glass
10mm Clear Tempered Shower Glass10mm Clear Tempered Shower Glass10mm Clear Tempered Shower Glass10mm Clear Tempered Shower Glass10mm Clear Tempered Shower Glass

10mm Clear Tempered Shower Glass

Product Introduction:

When you redecorate your bathroom, you have lots of options to choose from, from wall color to hardware finish. One of the most important decisions is how you choose to enclose your shower. Whether you plan to renovate an existing bathroom or add a new one, consider including a glass shower screen.


Product details

Clear shower screens lend bathrooms a sense of modernity, class and cleanliness. we discuss seven characteristics of glass shower screens and how those characteristics benefit you.

1. Attractive

Glass shower screens look sleek and chic. They make your bathroom space look more polished and unified because they allow other design elements to pop. Accent your paint choices, hardware and flooring with glass doors rather than adding an enclosure that could fight with the design.

2. Customisable

Some enclosures, like shower curtains, only come in a single size and design. When you opt for a shower screen, you have the opportunity to create a custom solution for your bathroom.

The capacity for customisation becomes particularly useful in bathrooms with renovated showers. Because the shower was not designed with the rest of the bathroom, it may have created tight, awkward spaces or irregular shapes. Your contractor can take these eccentricities into account during the design process to ensure a seamless fit.

3. Desirable

Glass doors in any room create an air of elegance, and your shower screens are no different. If you plan to sell your house within the next few years, opt for a glass enclosure.   These shower screens increase your home’s value and entice potential buyers.

4. Durable

The glass used for shower screens undergoes tempering and treatment to strengthen it. Glass shower screens are shatter and scratch resistant.  With proper maintenance, these enclosures can last as long as your home does.  Talk to your glass contractor to find out the warranty options on your glass door and hardware. Typically, the glass itself lasts longer than the frame, handle or other hardware.

5. Low Maintenance

Glass shower screens require no maintenance other than regular cleaning to remove water spots and soap residue. In some cases, th

e door hardware eventually needs replacement, but appropriate cleaning reduces this risk.  Frameless shower screens in particular prove easy to clean and maintain because you can access the entire glass pane.

6. Non-Invasive

When you hang a shower curtain, you create a distinct barrier that can make your bathroom seem smaller. Clear shower screens cre

ate an organic flow that expands the space, making your bathroom appear larger.  Shower screens also let more light into the enclosure, and this characteristic proves useful if you do not have a light source installed over the shower.

7. Versatile

Shower screens offer myriad design options that allow you to fully integrate them into your bathroom space.

Your options include:

  • Door design:  Most glass contractors offer frameless and framed doors. Frameless doors allow for more natural flow, while framed doors create a feeling of symmetry and evenness.

  • Door finish:  Not all glass shower screens look clear. Contractors also finish glass using etching, frosting, tinting orantiquing. Choose a finish that creates more privacy or echoes the design elements throughout the bathroom.

  • Hardware:  When you install a glass enclosure, you can choose your hardware. While you will likely want hardware with the same finish as the faucets and light fixtures, you can choose a modern bar handle or a more ornate design.

When you feel ready to fit your bathroom with the perfect glass shower screen, contact a glass contractor. The contractor will assess the size, shape and layout of your bathroom to help you come up with a design to optimise the space.

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