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Product Introduction:

BTG glass company can provide 10mm, 12mm clear toughened glass, 15mm clear tempered glass, 5mm+1.14PVB+5mm clear tempered safety glass,6mm clear tempered+12A+6mm low E tempered safety double glazing, framed or frameless glass all available, to meet your individual need of glass fronts, doors, and partitions. 


Product details

Every time we walk into a small shop on the street, we will find that all of them are glass front doors and partitons, so that everyone will see the inside goods from the outside through thr glass, and then be attracted into the store to promote sales.

In addition to this advantage, what are the obvious advantages of glass front doors and partitons?

First, easy to install.

Convenient installation is one of the advantages of the glass front doors and partitons. When it is operated, unlike other bulky materials, it requires a lot of people.

Force operation can be. In the installation, only the corresponding roller skating and chute need to be installed, and the glass cymbal switch is relatively simple.

No need to go through the process of unlocking, only need to slide directly on the line. This is why it is so popular nowadays.

The second, Good pervious to light and energy saving

In many cases, the ambiguity of the store cannot be closed, so that it will not be blocked when the customer enters the shop. But in winter

It must be closed, otherwise it will make the house not keep warm. At this time, the transparency of the glass enamel has a good play, neither blocking nor blocking the light.

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