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PDLC Smart Switchable Glass
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  • PDLC Smart Switchable Glass
PDLC Smart Switchable GlassPDLC Smart Switchable Glass

PDLC Smart Switchable Glass

Product Introduction:

Smart Switchable Glass is a composite with the liquid crystal film between two layers of glass, with high temperature and pressure bonding to form the new special photo electric glass products. The user controls the transparent and opaque state of the glass by switch. The glass not only the safety glass, but also has privacy protection function. Due to the characteristics of the liquid crystal film sandwich, dimming glass can also be used as a projection screen, instead of ordinary screen, shows high-definition screen image on the glass.


Product details


1. Fast response: within1/10 seconds can achieve instant stealth, power on to be opaque, power off to be transparent.

2. Safety: the glass iis laminated, it has all the advantages of the PVB laminated glass. When the glass impact by out force, cannot easily to crush and penetrate.

3. Energy saving: we can get the light to keep the indoor bright, just power on the glass to be opaque and get the privacy when we need.

4. The smart switchable glass can block 98% UV radiation, can protect the glass interior furnishing.

5. Sound proof: the switchable glass can block the noise obviously about 38 decibels and provide you a comfortable environment.

6. Thermal insulation: the thermal insulation performance reached 2 grade or more.


1. Operation department, slap-up office, meeting room.

2. Special ward, operation room of hospital, monitoring room.

3. Classical bathroom, cars, lorries, luxury yacht.

4. Large-scale projection screens.

5. Jewelry shop. Museum, insurance counter.

6. All kinds of places, where need day lighting and privacy.

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