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Antique Mirror

Product Introduction:

The Antique Mirror is not an antique mirror in the traditional sense, but is the most popular decorative mirror in the world. It is different from the aluminum mirrors and silver mirrors used in our daily life. It has undergone special oxidation treatment and has formed patterns of various shapes and colors on the mirrors. It is rather ancient and rhyme and can create a feeling of passing through time and space.


Product details

As a kind of glass decoration field, antique mirrors give the interior decorations a retro, elegant and luxurious atmosphere. They are deeply favored by the retroism style and are widely used in high-grade decoration such as walls, backgrounds, and sanitary ware. It is very popular in Europe, the United States, Japan, and South Asia. Due to its high technology content, only a few of these mirrors are currently available in China, and only seven manufacturers are produced in the world. Compared with the vast market demand, its limited supply capacity determines its high price


At present, the main thickness of the antique mirror that we better glass can be produced is: 2 mm - 12 mm, and the size can reach 1.83*2.44 meters. Of course, we can also provide cutting or edging services for the antique mirrors, even we can provide tempered antique mirrors.

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