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BTG clear tempered 2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm Anti reflective glass

Nov. 23, 2020

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The anti-reflection effect of the glass surface in the visible light range can be achieved by two methods: One is to use the interference effect produced by different optical material layers to eliminate incident light and reflected light, thereby increasing the transmittance. The glass produced by the destructive interference of light is called AR glass. Another method is to use the scattering effect of the rough surface to convert a large amount of incident light into diffuse reflected light, which will not bring significant changes to the transmittance. This kind of glass produced by fine and coarsening is called AG glass.

In this article, we focus on understanding AR glass.

Introduction and process principle of AR glass

AR glass, the English name Anti-reflection glass. Other names: anti-reflection glass, anti-reflection glass, and eye glass. The production principle of this product is to use the most advanced magnetron sputtering coating technology in the world to coat one or both sides of ordinary high-quality glass with anti-reflection film, which effectively reduces the reflection of the glass itself and increases the transmittance of the glass. , To make the original color through the glass more vivid and real.

BTG clear tempered 2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm Anti reflective glass

Process principle: When the light is emitted from the light-thin material to the light-dense material, the reflected light will have a half-wave loss. The reflected light on the surface of the AR coating on the glass is exactly half a wavelength away from the optical path difference of the reflected light on the front surface of the film , The reflected light on the front and back of the film cancels out, which is equivalent to increasing the energy of the transmitted light. In addition, the reflection effect can be reduced on both sides of the glass by coating both sides of the glass at the same time. Because AR glass uses magnetron sputtering coating technology, the sputtered materials are all transparent optical films formed by the movement of atoms at the nanometer level. It has no effect on the performance of the glass itself, and it also has a hardening effect, which protects the glass itself and has strong adhesion. It can be considered that it has formed a whole with glass.

BTG clear tempered 2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm Anti reflective glass

AR high transmittance and anti-reflection glass has high transmittance and low reflectivity. Because people's visual range of visible light is generally around 555nm wavelength. A piece of ordinary window glass has a transmittance of 85~91.5% at this wavelength, while a piece of AR-treated window glass has a transmittance of close to 99% at this wavelength. This is why we look at AR glass. When the image is displayed, the colors are more vivid and the colors are more realistic.

BTG clear tempered 2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm Anti reflective glass

Advantages of AR glass

1. The visible light transmittance is high, which greatly improves the original brightness of LCD and PDP and reduces energy consumption.

2. The average reflectivity is low, which makes the image color contrast stronger and the scene clearer.

3. Anti-ultraviolet, the transmittance of the ultraviolet spectrum is greatly reduced, which can effectively prevent the damage of ultraviolet rays to the eyes.

4. High-temperature resistance, AR glass can withstand a temperature of 700℃, while general acrylic can only withstand a temperature of 80℃.

5. Strong hardness, the hardness of AR glass film is equivalent to glass, greater than 7H, (generally PC board hardness is about 2H to 3H).

6. Acid and alkali resistant, resistant to cleaning with various cleaning agents, acid and alkali cleaning agents, and the film is not damaged.

7. Strong impact resistance, the impact performance of 3mm thick glass is equivalent to 6mm acrylic.

8. The viewing angle is large. After the acrylic is installed, the viewing angle will become smaller; while the AR glass will not become smaller after the installation.

9. Good flatness, the surface flatness of AR glass is far better than that of coated acrylic, and the larger the size, the more obvious the difference.

BTG clear tempered 2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm Anti reflective glass

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