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Instructions for use of silver mirror

Dec. 11, 2020

Handling precautions

During manual handling, if workers have sweat on their hands, since human sweat is alkaline, it will corrode the silver mirror coating. It is recommended that workers wear clean, dry cotton gloves during manual handling.


Installation Precautions

1. If the silver mirror is installed close to the wall with insufficient flatness, it will become a distorting mirror.

2. Do not use plywood, wood board, cardboard and other damp-prone materials as liners. Once the board is damp and moldy, it will destroy the silver coating. On the other hand, if the plywood wood board contains formaldehyde, it will also destroy the silver coating.

3. If it is fixed by viscose, neutral glue must be used, acid glue is strictly prohibited.

4. Cleaning after installation: After installation, the silver mirror can be cleaned with a neutral detergent, such as alcohol, and sprays containing ammonia water cannot be used. Wipe dry in time after cleaning.

 Instructions for use of silver mirror

Friendly reminder: It is best to do a compatibility test before use. Take an appropriate amount of glue and apply it to the silver mirror paint surface. After standing for a period of time (more than 15 days), observe whether the glue will damage the silver mirror coating.

Instructions for use of silver mirror

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